Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raven Guard

I have seen the death beast rising
I have heard the insane crying
I have heard the screams for mercy
From those doomed to their dying

And I have not turned away
I have seen self righteousness rule
But only long enough to completely
And totally prove itself a fool

Oh how

I love to see the wolves running
I love to see the swords bite into flesh
I love to see those ignorant of truth
Being confronted by the best

No more shall the petty prey
Upon the compassion of the good and kind
For now comes the consequences of
The steel trap of an ancient and undead mind

Bring on all your savagery
Bring on all your grief
For I shall take you to the entrance of the gate
Where there is no remorse or relief

And you will be left with your own judgment
You will be left with but your life revealed
Where there is no more chance for rebirth
And no more time to rest or be forever healed

The fires of Hel are calling
On the wings of ravens wings
And you must weigh between

Wisdom and knowledge
But know both

To hear what message they bring

11:39 pm
transcribed this time
11:58 pm


Thursday, March 12, 2009

This World as seen through amber

To give into evil
Is but to give into its ways
It always starts with something small
And then builds day after day

Evil has many minions
Some that snip and bite and smirk
They're like smaller demons
Glad just to be an arrogant jerk

And then one of them gets a taste
For blood and flesh and power
And gradually his inclinations obsess
Getting darker hour after hour

And he goes after any who would
Be the wielder of any light
He wants to bring it down dim it out
Take it from others sight

That to him is an accomplishment
That to him is something to achieve
To him the truth is a lie
And to stand strong is only done to deceive

It's amazing how shallow evil can be
But equally so when it comes to relentlessness
It can when given the chance snuff hope out
But is equally satisfied with endless pettiness

The battle field goes on forever
Only above ground is there a soul to save
Come the final clash of sword and shield
There's only if we were Brave

7:54 pm
transcribed this time
8:04 pm