Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Better Apolyptically prophetic
Than neuteredly neutral pathetic

The time is drawing nigh
That there will be an event defining
Something that makes the people
Stand openly where they're aligning

It could be something nuclear
It could be a chemical attack
It could be something biological
Brought in on some Illegal Aliens back

But everybody better get it
Get it down simple and straight
There will be those gunning for you
Out of ignorance stupidity or hate

And it won't make any difference
It will be time to choose up sides
It will be time for sacrifice and truth
And everyone will have to decide

There will be no more silly neutral
There will be no more rolling of eyes
There will only be the fidelity to allegiance
And those that live and those that die

I will stand by the old values
That men once wore on shields
I will stand for intelligent chivalry
And a will that will not yield

I will learn from my brothers
I will protect my women at all cost
There will be the light of victory
Or the darkness of terrible loss

But there will be no more confusion
No more two faced presentations
We will all gather at the edge of destruction
And study at the true light of this new creation

7:07 pm
transcribed this time
7:40 pm