Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who are you really

I am the devil incarnate
I am suffering and death
I am the long shadow
A taker of life's precious breath

I am an empty promise
I am compromise and lies
I am the mind cloud of confusion
That won't let you believe your eyes

I am the corrupter of innocence
I am the Bain of man
I am the silver tongued serpent
Come to help you understand

I am the sun going down
On a cold and heartless day
I am the devouring of doubt
Come to steal your last hope away

I am loneliness and abandonment
I am the step not taken
I am the rationalization and justification
That says it is ok

To leave the brave behind
Wounded and forsaken

12:01 pm
transcribed this time
12;17 pm


Friday, January 16, 2009

My Belt Buckle

You mean the one with the Viking helmet
You mean the one with the crossed sword and ax
You mean the one that speaks to but one standard
No mercy No prisoners No slack

I got it from the steel of your tribes swords
I got the sliver from around your throats
I built a big fire out of your farms and houses
And ate all your cows pigs and goats

And then I made the fire hotter and poured
The molten metal into a mold
I fashioned it into a divine design
That showed respect for warriorship bold

And I wear it proudly when I go to the feasts
I wear it when I dance to the songs
I wear it to honor the past and present
And to the future that we may prosper and live long

I wear it in the bow of a long ship
I wear it in the wind the rain and ice
I wear it as one would a sacred vow
That if freedom calls I will bear the weight

I will pay the price

10:39 am
transcribed this time
10:52 am