Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Never forget
Never forgive
Learn how to die
Learn how to live

Only slow down
To pace yourself
Don't give over your fate
To someone else

But believe in faith
And the ancient ones
Create your own vision
See that it's done

Explore the world
Bend with the wind
Learn that pre-emptive
Is a way to defend

Find a way in
Draw up a way out
Discretion and valor
But don't dwell on the doubt

Defeat the wrong
Embrace the right
Short or long
Fight your own fight

Enjoy your life
Take the time
To forge the will
Of a spring steeled mind

Create your back-ups
Have other plans
Or work your creativity
As the moment demands

Never ask for mercy
Never beg or crawl
Because it'll never be enough
Even if they take it all

Take'm down with you
Never be their slave
Sometimes there's only the entrance
To the hall of the brave

11:10 pm
transcribed this time
11:25 pm


I will

I will
If nobody else will

Pick up my ax

And crash it into your shoulder
Cut right through your collar bone
Openly expose your chest cavity
And see if you’ve got a heart at home

At the end of a long day

Of taking care of shelter
And one of my favorite steeds
I’ve still got time for slaughter
Time for one more bloody deed

To hunt you down by your tracks

And put an end to the pain
Of what it means to have no dreams
To have no name in the red flames
To sound like some kind of burbling stream

That incoherently offers up the way you pray

Arrogantly presenting a challenge
Casting degradation like some boy
But these pens and swords and other tools
Are not all used as toys

I will
If nobody else will

Pick up my ax
At the end of a long day
To hunt you down by your tracks
That incoherently offer up the way you pray

And answer not in kind
With comments and common negativities
But with a flash that takes out the trash
Such as is your life and its uttered inanities

7:58 pm
written over a few days


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A Holy Darkness

There will never be a
More Holy Darkness
Then that which is
In my soul

That for which
The Ancients bled
And all the skaldic
Prophets have foretold

A reckoning is coming
And the day will
Both bright and clear

Blood will run
Like the rivers
From deeds washed clean
By the innocents tears


Red shields will be raised
Distances will be driven
Death will be for the dead
And life will be for the living

Mountains will welcome her people
The sky will remain true blue
Courage will call for volunteers
And will one of them be you

It is possible to love a memory
But you can't kiss its lips
Some are born to the battles blade
As first they come from their mothers hips

Falsity will fall to the side
And stone will again stand tall
Clear water will beckon us home
Where there is food for us all

But first we must survive and prevail
For the time is now that we may die

But we must not fail

7:13 pm
transcribed this time
11:28 am