Friday, May 18, 2007

We used to kill them where they stood

We used to kill them where they stood

There was no rule but the law
That lived in a good man's heart
And he who impeded such
Was doomed from the start

Lest they sought there own salvation
And did it of their own free will
There was no endless charity cases
Who had a right to have their purses filled

Because they threw a hissy fit
Or merely claimed to have been wronged
First you had to prove you'd stand up
For yourself and among the strong belonged

Words alone would not get you a pass
Always appealing to anothers compassion
You had to show you could face your fate
You did not automatically receive a ration

There was mercy sure but you had to give
As well as expect to receive
You had to be willing to stand the wall
You had to be willing to fight to be free

Before you were allowed to participate
In the festivities of celebration
Before being allowed to drink of spirit
And dance with the elements of

The passionate creation

Too many had made sacrifices over time
Too many had given their all
And that includes the women and children
Who when over run would resist

Until they would fall

Endless tolerance is not always positive
We must not shy from our responsibility
To uphold standards that make us
Able to live the lives of freedoms complexities

And when an individual repeatedly makes choices
That shows a parasitic nature toward the good
I say burden not those striving for excellence
But harken back to a time

When we used to kill them where they stood

9:40 pm
transcribed this time
9:31 pm